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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Safe Sanctuary

On this page you will find links to a number of documents that are important to our church’s commitment to providing a safe environment for all.  Included are the following:

Child and Youth Protection Policy & Procedures – All volunteers and staff who work with the church’s children and youth need to be familiar with this document. In addition to completing an online training course (Safe Gatherings) every 5 years, they must review this document on an annual basis.

Child and Youth Protection; Review & Commitment Form – After reviewing the Child and Youth Protection Policy & Procedures document, all volunteers and staff need to print this document, and after signing and dating, bring it to the church office so that the church records can be updated accordingly.

Parental Consent Form – This document must be completed by a parent or guardian prior to their child or youth attending any offsite activity scheduled by the church. The form must be submitted to the adult responsible for the activity. Adult activity leaders need to collect the forms for each child or youth participating, submit a copy to the church office and have a copy with them while attending the event.

Transportation Declaration of Truth – This document must be completed by any person transporting children or youth to and from church sponsored activities of the church. The form is to be filed at the church office.

Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures and Prohibited Harassment Policy – This document details Chillicothe First United Methodist Church’s commitment to maintaining an environment free of sexual misconduct and various forms of harassment. It further spells out the procedures that have been adopted to handle any complaints of sexual misconduct or harassment.